Hello, and welcome to Irish Pride Boston Terriers,  we are Boston Terrier breeders of California.  
We are located in beautiful Southern California and we have been successfully breeding Boston
Terriers since 2004. Here at our home we believe in producing a calm tempered, well mannered
family member. Having owned Boston Terriers for over the last decade, I have become familiar with
the characteristics and the needs of these little clowns. Even though they are a small dog, they
have a big personally that will win over your heart.
We strive to produce a healthy quality companion animal free of any hereditary or congenital
conditions. Our dogs are selectively bred to ensure quality and soundness. All our dogs live inside
our home as a part of our family, we are not a kennel/farm/or ranch just Boston terrier lovers and
We are in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC) All pups prior to placement are
offered with; up to date vaccinations, several preventative parasite treatments, microchip implant(at
the request of the owner for an additional fee), a complementary first vet exam, a puppy care
packet, a small bag of the puppy food that the he/she will be weaned on, a documented 1yr
hereditary/congenital guarantee, and dew claws are removed. Each pup will have two wellness
exams prior to placement, to ensure that we are delivering a pet with no known congenital defects.
All pups are registered with AKC(American Kennel Club), pending quality they may be offered with
full or limited registration. I am always willing to take any of my dogs back at any time in their life to
ensure their health and wellbeing. All my dogs are socialized daily with other dogs, children, and
small animals.
Please take this time to look at my family of Bostons and hopefully enjoy them as much as I have
through the years. Please keep in mind that I only have litters periodically(once a year to every few
years), and once again I am not a kennel, and with that being said I do have a day job so please
leave a detailed message when calling and I will return your call as soon as possible, the best way
to get a quick response is via e-mail.
Our Boston's are offered in a variety of colors: black and white, black brindle and white, true seal
and white, and true seal brindle and white. Other non-recognizable colors available periodically, i.e;
red and white, chocolate and white, etc . If by chance we do have puppies available that are the
non-traditional colors, then they may be registered with the ACA, APRI, UABR as AKC will not
recognized these colors and often times they are registered under an incorrect color code. If you
feel a Boston Terrier would be a great fit for your family and would love to add an "Irish Pride's"
Boston to your house hold:
Please e-mail@
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Pictured above is "Ginger" and "Delilah"
enjoying one of many car rides.
"Indy" lounging on the bed, he is our true
seal bindle and white.
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"Ginger"       "Delilah"
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Pictured above we proudly introduce "Irish Pride's Charlie Bucket",
grand sired by Champion Road Trip's Mason
(Pictured Below)
Pictured Left:
Owned by Becky
& Dave T. Of
Mission Veijo,
CA. He has
completed his
pet smart Puppy
Academy class
of 2010.

Website Current AS OF 12/13/2013.  We very seldom breed and only consider breeding
our adults once they have passed all clearances of health and only place our pups in
selected homes. We are a small home breeder, not a professional kennel,
and our family clientele prefer it that way as they know that each pup is given the
attention he or she needs to properly socialize. With that being said, a good way to
identify a private hobby enthusiast from a commercial "mill" is people who are not willing
to allow you in their home as well as being able to meet there dogs. We only place our
pups in companion homes, if you are looking to breed please continue your search
No Plans for breeding.
Irish Pride Boston Terriers

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I've been hearing a lot lately "I want an AKC certified breeder".
Well to clarify things you may be thinking  that AKC registered
means quality and reputability. Here is a little statement regarding
AKC and what their company provides;

AKC Registration and Quality
"There is a widely held belief that "AKC" or "AKC papers" guarantee the
quality of a dog. This is not the case. AKC is a registry body. A registration
certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam, born
on a known date. It in no way indicates the quality or state of health of the
dog. Quality in the sense of "show quality" is determined by many factors
including the dog's health, physical condition, ability to move and
appearance. Breeders breeding show stock are trying to produce animals that
closely resemble the description of perfection described in the breed standard.
Many people breed their dogs with no concern for the qualitative demands of
the breed standard. When this occurs repeatedly over several generations, the
animals, while still purebred, can be of extremely low quality."
AKC even has a clause on their website as follows:
"The American Kennel Club does not license or endorse anyone engaged in the
commerce of selling purebred dogs and, therefore, has no control over the
business practices of those involved in such transactions. Membership in the
American Kennel Club is comprised of independent dog clubs located
throughout the United States. No individual persons are members of the AKC."
So remember, just because a dog is AKC, doesn't mean it's of quality, or bred in
quality conditions. Or that said puppy isn't from a puppy mill or backyard
breeder. Simply put the dogs are registered with The American Kennel club, and
that is all. .
All about Boston Terriers!
Meet "MARS" He is from Delilah
and Charlies 4/5/12 Litter!
Meet "Modelo" He is from Delilah
and Charlies 4/5/12 Litter!
Meet "Stella" she is from Delilah
and Charlies 4/5/12 Litter!
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